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Public Education Programme

Public education about humane awareness and animal welfare for street dogsThe KAT Centre's Animal Birth Control (ABC) and Rescue & Treatment are complemented by a humane awareness programme which educates children and adults about topics such as compassion for animals, avoiding dog bites, how to care for pet dogs, rabies prevention, and proper waste disposal.

The activities of the Public Education programme include:
• Visits to orphanages and schools
• Booths and tables with banners and educational displays at public functions
• Tours of the Centre for school groups and youth clubs
• Posters around Kathmandu informing people of dogs who are available for adoption at KAT and the Centre's work for animals in need
• Articles in magazines and newspapers, and television and radio appearances
• Handing out leaflets about the street dog situation, KAT's work to help stray dogs, and rabies awareness
• Day clinics to give dogs anti-rabies vaccinations, deworming, and medical treatment

Many adults and children in Nepal are unaware of the needs of their own pet dogs. KAT's staff teaches the importance of vaccinations for dogs, identifying and treating canine diseases such as mange (a skin condition), and the reasons for sterilising dogs.

Educating school children about rabies awareness and animal crueltyKAT is striving to reduce the risk of rabies to Nepalis. In addition to vaccinating dogs for rabies, we do this by teaching people how to avoid dog bites and how to recognise dogs who may be rabid. Since children are the most common victims of rabies, we focus these awareness activities on schools and children.

The number of street dogs that an area can support is directly related to the amount of rubbish on the street. We persuade people to dispose of their waste properly, to avoid attracting more stray dogs to their communities.

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If you would like to arrange an educational tour of the KAT Centre, invite KAT's staff to give a presentation to a group of children or adults, or discuss planning other humane awareness activities, please contact us at KATinfo@KATCentre.org.np or +977 984-3810363.