Awareness and Education

This is an awareness generation Program. KAT wants to create Kathmandu a city where cruelty towards animals is eliminated. For this, public awareness is vital. KAT periodically distributes people the pamphlets like awareness about rabies, other zoonotic diseases, avoiding dog bites, how to take care of dogs, and others.

World Rabies Day Rally
Awareness to Visiting Oragnization
Volunteers Visiting the Centre for Awareness
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Rabies awareness leaflets are distributed among the public and also KAT invites various school children to visit the Centre and informs about its activities. KAT also visits various schools and brings awareness about dogs and the activities of the organization.
With collaboration with the Local Government, we are now also working in different communities setting up camps on sterilization and aware of it.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are trying more and more to aware via the online platform.