Become a Partner

In order to offset the daily cost of basic necessities, we have been actively bringing on corporate and individual sponsors. This is something new to KAT Centre. Our new sponsorship program allows companies and individuals to donate directly to KAT.

We are in the process of finalizing the program which will recognize each donor who donates within a certain bracket.

While the sponsorship is a great way to offset costs, it is also a great way to get creative while being corporate socially responsibility (CSR)

Our current sponsors

Since February 2021, Jimbu Thakali, a famous restaurant in Nepal has been donating to KAT. They have two locations. One in Tangal and the other in Jhamsikhel and have committed to partner with us while providing raw chicken which is used to feed the dogs.

Since April 2021, World Link the leading Internet Service Provider of Nepal has agreed to provide free internet service to KAT Centre.

It is our goal to become partners with other businesses. In the future, we plan to become partners with more corporations and sign up for CSRs for the benefit of the KAT Centre and cooperation.