Emergency Feeding


Kathmandu is the Capital of Nepal, which means that the population of Nepal is almost all congested here. With the growth of people, there is also a high population of Dogs and Monkeys, most of which are unmanaged. Even though there are organizations like ours working on the population management of dogs, there are still hundreds of street dogs out on the street unmanaged.  They are all dependent on food with local restaurants’ and hotels’ leftovers or humans and tourists near them. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, people are all restricted from moving out and all the restaurants and hotels are closed which means 1000s of dogs and monkeys are left unfed.

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How you can help?

A feeding program doesn't require a lot of help :

1. Sponsoring a Meal = Rs.35/ Dog
2. Running Fundraisers Campaign
3. Sponsoring a Feeding Program = Rs.7,000/        Rescue ( Feeding 200 Dogs)

4. Volunteer Cooking
5. Donate Sack of Rice
6. Donate Chicken