Emergency Rescue

Stray dogs in Kathmandu live in quite pitiable conditions- with nobody to care for, feed when hungry, or treat them when sick. The diseases among stray dogs are sprayed at a fast pace. The most common diseases are mange, parvo, distemper, rabies, Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor (CTVT), External and Internal Parasites among others.

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Besides, stray dogs are the largest victims of traffic accidents. They are also victimized by human cruelty. Cutting with sharp objectives, throwing hot water on the dog, pelting stones, etc. are the most common types of human cruelties against dogs.

The rescue and Treatment Program of KAT treats those dogs injured or sick. Mostly, community people inform KAT about the illness or injury, and the dogs are given emergency service on the spot by a veterinary doctor and a helper. KAT has only 68 kennels in Rescue and treatment. As we receive more cases, we try to treat the dogs on the spot and administer oral medications. If not possible, then only they are brought into the KAT and treated. Any dog passing through KAT is given a vaccination against rabies and also spayed or neutered. All of them have to be given Deworming tablets as well. As of now KAT has helped 18,890 dogs with treatment against their disease or injury.