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"The efforts of one person can't move mountains. It's the strength of us all working together that makes a change."
                      - Jennifer L. Betts

KAT Wish List

Every item on our Wishlist helps us continue our mission of providing a home for every animal that comes to our door.

Inside Nepal Outside Nepal
Food: Sack of Rice, Cat Food, Dog Food Medical Supplies: Ivermectin Powder, Anti Flea and Tick Products, Dewormers, Alu Spray, Dressing Materials( vet wraps, Non-adhesive gauze, Bandages, Antibiotic ointments), Antibiotics (oral/Injectables), Gloves, Syringes, Needles, Ear cleaners, Pain medications, Fibercast
Used clothes ( Towel, Blanket, Bed Cover) Sacks Surgical Equipment: Spay Tools, Oximeter, Surgical Scrub (Size: Small, Medium)
Cleaning Products: Mask, Gloves, Sanitizer, Hand Wash, Lizol Suture materials: catgut 1, catgut 2, Vicryl 3-0 etc..
Stationery Items Animal Care: Dog Grooming Kits, Powder Milk for Puppies and Kitten, E-Collar
Pet Products: Lease, Shampoo, Feeding Bowls, Toys Rescue Materials: Dog Catching Net, Catching Pole, Cat Trapper, Catching Gloves
Buckets and Containers Laptop, Mobile, Color Printer

Please feel free to donate any equipment or materials that might be useful for animal care or administration.

If you have other items you’d like to donate, please call the office or send a message on our Facebook page to ensure that we’re able to use them for the animals.

Items can be dropped off at The KAT Centre or we could come to pick them up according to the area of rescue scheduled.