Animal Birth Control

This Program is undergoing at KAT since it began operation in May 2004. As of now, Kat has spayed or neutered 31,050 dogs. Nearly 200-250 dogs are spayed each month with the ongoing. All Street dogs are sterilized, vaccinated against rabies, treated for any skin disease, worms, fleas and ticks, illness, wounds, or injuries.
KAT has so far spayed 40% of dogs in Kathmandu valley from Budhanilkantha Municipality to the Whole of Kathmandu Valley and many camps around the Valley Area.

Despite limited financial and human resources, KAT has the plan to spay 70% ​of dogs inside Kathmandu valley within the next 2 years. Once, the KAT administration becomes assured that nearly 80-90 percent of the female dogs are spayed in the area, then only we move to the next block. KAT has 24 ABC kennels. As it takes 3-4 days for a dog to recover from sterilization, KAT spays nearly 12-15 dogs each day on average. KAT is the oldest organization using the ABC method to control the stray dog population. Since it began, KAT has neutered 31,050 and vaccinated 47,860 over dogs. On a breeding cycle of four to seven puppies twice a year, this means the charity has prevented a further 217,350 puppies from being born at least. As KAT is now in a critical financial state, we are continuing our work. With help from around the world, it would be much easier for us to work.

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A study of the ABC-AR program and a comparison with the earlier catch-and-kill procedure conclusively shows the success and feasibility of the former in both the control of the street dog population and the incidence of rabies in dogs and humans.

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