Sponsorship of Kennels and Cages

About the Kennels and Cage:

KAT Centre is involved in healing almost 100 animals (dogs and cats ) every day. The cases of Dogs and Cats rescue come in every day, with an average of 30 calls a day. Being the oldest rescue of Nepal, KAT is responsible for treating the animals in need.

The dogs need days to recover and extra care is taken in the shelter temporarily until they are healed. They are kept in Kennels and Cages until recovery. 

The Kennels are occupied almost all the time. As we find the new ones home or return them to the community after recovery, they are reoccupied by the new cases of in need dogs.

The number of Kennels and Cage:

At the moment there are:


Types of rescue cases kept in the Kennels/Cage and Cat House :

Period of Recovery:

On average, it takes one and a half months for a dog to recover.

Sponsorship Benefit:

Our Kennel Sponsorship Program is a great way to support KAT Centre and promote your business, organization or honour you or a friend as a supporter. With your kennel sponsorship, you will receive recognition of a prominently displayed plaque on the kennel for 6 months or an entire year. Your plaque may be personalized in your name, your company’s name or in memory of a family member, special friend or cherished pet. You will also be listed as a friend of the shelter on our website and our Facebook page.

Do you want to help the animals but don’t have the time to volunteer at the KAT Centre or the space to adopt a new family member?  Is your company, club or school class looking for a meaningful way to “give back to the community?”

You can show you care every day of the year through our Dog Kennel and Cat House Sponsorship Program, helping the many dogs and cats at the KAT Centre while they wait for their forever families.

It is expensive to care for each animal, maintain the structure, kennels and equipment of the shelter, as well as provide veterinary care, vaccines, and medicine for the animals in our facility. Your donation will not be linked to a specific animal; rather it helps an animal that may come into our shelter. (You also have an option to sponsor one of our in house dogs or cats)

This is a great opportunity for families, clubs, classes and businesses to directly support the animals we rescue. By “adopting” a kennel or Cat House for 6 or 12 months, your donation will help ensure that each dog and cat in our care receives a warm, comfortable place to stay for as long as it takes to find them forever homes. For as long as it takes! Of course, we always hope that a forever home is just a day away, but we often find that many of our amazing animals sadly have to wait longer.

In return for your sponsorship, not only will you receive the reward of knowing you have helped animals in need, but you will also receive the following recognition:

A sponsorship is a great way for local companies to receive public recognition for their support of the KAT Centre.  Your sponsorship plaque will be seen by the thousands of people who visit the shelter each year. Think of all those people seeing your business’ name and knowing that your company helps animals in need.

Sponsorships are a wonderful way to pay tribute to a beloved person(s) or pet(s). Sponsorships can be made in memory or honor of a loved one(s) or pet(s).  For those pet parents who love their pets like family members, this program represents a great opportunity to help other animals find their own loving, forever homes.